hiking for hope

October 9th 2022 9:30AM

Meet Up: Jirani Coffee House

Heal collectively when putting self, health, and community at the forefront.

Hiking for Hope is an exciting wellness event that brings awareness to our power to heal collectively when putting self, health, and community at the forefront.

The event features two hiking distances followed by music, a hip-hop dance class, yoga, meditation, and swag bags.

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As women, we put family and community before self care.

This is a movement that promotes self, health, and community.

In that order.

it began as A mental health walk.

After teaching a boot camp class, my friend Dee asked me to organize an outdoor walking club. She said after work the stress is so intense that she walks outdoors to clear her head.

A month later, I started organizing hikes.

We laughed, hiked, and always had a good time.

now it's A movement.

The small hikes continued until last year. I was browsing my group posts on FB when I learned that a member and her son had lost their lives to domestic violence.

Immediately, I wanted to DO something! So, I called Trina Lyons and we took Hiking for Hope to the masses, designing it as a retreat in one’s hometown.

Today, Hiking for Hope includes a 1-3 mile hike, scavenger hunt, self-love swag bags, and certified instructors who teach dance, yoga, breathwork and meditation techniques.

A Mission to Impact Lives.

After each hike, a portion of H4H proceeds go to a female-driven non-profit. In 2021, we donated funds to PADV in Atlanta, GA. An organization that supports survivors of domestic abuse.

For H4H 2022, a portion of the proceeds will go to I-Vets. A non-profit thrift store who donates proceeds to veteran and active duty mental illness programs.

Learn more.

Are you ready to join a movement of hope?

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Next Event: Sun, Oct. 9th 2022      Registration Starts at: $35

Meet the Team

Ava Adames

Crystal Womb Medicine Woman

Ascension Meditation Lead

Elethia Gay

Alexander Q Health and Wellness

Lifestyle Coach & Trainer

Leeta Harlem

My Natural Me

Host, Community Leader, Coach & Author

Wil Pettiford

Avid Hiker/Engineer

Hiking Lead

Find yourself

Heal yourself

Connect with your community

what people say about the event

Markia McClenton

This was an amazing event with a great cause linking various people from different walks of life to experience new adventures.

Michelle Smith

The event was amazing! From the hike, to dance fitness, to yoga, the entire event was beautifully done.


Stacy Tucker

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